Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Labor Day Dove Hunt

This past Labor Day morning was foggy and misty.   Nevertheless, we hit the snooze button a couple of times before heading out to the field.  A friend of ours had a spot that he thought would give us some great shots at some doves.  My son, a buddy of his, myself and our "guide" got set up and proceeded to wait.  We put up our dove spinner decoy and got hunkered down.  Well Mr. Sun decided to sleep in that morning.  And then it started to rain a little harder.  We did see a couple of doves but they were about 100 yds away flying at about 100 mph.  They were on a mission.  We did a little walking to see if we could maybe get a shot at one.  The dogs we had were getting very anxious.  They wanted to retrieve but we had nothing for them.  Like I've always said, "I never get skunked on a hunting trip."  Whether we get a bird or not, spending time in the field with my son and friends is an awesome venture.  Memories that last a life time.  I am so glad that I got my son started hunting years ago.  I remember taking him pheasant hunting in Kansas when he was about 5 yrs old.  Walking the fields, sitting by a stream and enjoying the sights and sounds are memories that will last forever.  Next time you head out to the field take your son, daughter, or maybe the kid next door with you.  Pass on what you love to those you love.  Until next time keep your eyes towards the sky and your feet in the field.

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