Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale

Hey gang, I'm having a Labor Day 2018 sale. Place an order before midnight Monday Sept. 3, 2018 and receive 10% off your entire order. Go to and place an order for your next outdoor adventure, be it hunting, hiking, or just spending some time in the great outdoors.  Please share this with your friends and family. Thanks!!!! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Black powder, Crazy Deer, and Old Tom

Running and gunning!!

May 2018, the final weekend of spring turkey season and I wanted one more chance to get another Tom. I was on some friend's land where I have harvested turkeys with success.  It was a Sat afternoon, about 90 degrees in the shade.  I had scouted a few places earlier in the season where I knew turkeys were.  I made a couple of yelps to see if I could get Tom on the line.  Nothing.  Tried again. Nothing waited about 10 minutes and tried again, nothing.  I moved about 150 yards and tried again.  This time I got him to talk back.  I hunkered down and gave another couple of yelps.  Sure enough he answered.  This went on for about 20 minutes.  He was coming closer but then he hung up.  Dang.  I waited about another 15 minutes and tried him again.  Nothing.  I made another move and tried again.  Yup.  There he was talking back to me.  Once again  hunkered down and waited.  I kept talking with him as loud as he was talking to me.  Then I spotted that red head.  There was a lot of tall grass between us, but he was moving right into an area that would give me a clear shot.  He kept coming closer and closer.  I could see his head pop up every now and then thru the grass.  I was getting excited and ready to take the shot.  Using my favorite mouth call I did an little purring and he was coming closer to my shot lane.  What happened next is beyond belief.  South of the land I was hunting on was a weekend gathering of people for a Black Powder Rendezvous.  I hadn't heard anything from them until now.  It sounded like the Fourth of July.  I kept still and the turkey kept coming.  He was just about in my site line when here come about 3-4 deer.  They were hauling their tails out of there.  They practically ran old Tom over.  Needless to say he lowered his head and took off also.  I sat there sweating and cussing.  Then I just started laughing.  I've done a lot of research on late season turkey hunting but never I have encountered what do do when the black powder guns and crazy deer start running.  Oh well.  I always have a great experience when I'm in the field.  Sometimes I bring home the game but I always bring home a story!!

Monday, August 13, 2018

A great dog and an even better friend.

It's been a few years now but when hunting season gets here I remember Gable.  He was a German shorthair hunting machine.  It seemed like he knew when it was time to hunt.  I shot some pheasants and quail over him. If I would have been as good a shot as he was in finding them I probably would have had a few more.  Have you ever had your dog look back at you with a look that says, "Are you kidding me, how did you miss!"  He was a faithful companion and family member.  It was tough when we lost him.  Upland bird hunting just isn't the same without him.  We had him cremated and my son put some of his ashes in a couple of spent shot shells.  We carry those in our vests so Gable is still with us in spirit.  He was a great dog and great friend,  Miss you big guy.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Getting Outdoors

Hunting season is not to far away and I cannot wait.  Love getting outdoors and seeing some great views.  I've never been skunked whether hunting or fishing.  I always bring back some great memories and stories.  Of course, over the years those stories get better and bigger.  So to all of you outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen best of luck to you all this season.   What are you looking forward to this season.  Leave a reply.  Thanks for sharing